All Reflexology sessions start with an Herbal Foot Bath and Hand Massage.

40 minutes


60 minutes


Aroma Touch Essential Oil Application
30 minutes


Using DoTerra Oils
This clinical approach to applying essential oils along the spine. NOT a body massage .


Sole revival pedicure
60 minutes


Reflexology technique and leg massage is included to our Sole Revival Pedicure. 

Pedicure with 15 minute Reflex


Allow 70 Minutes

Pedicure with 30 minute Reflex


Allow 90 minutes

Pedicure with 60 minute Reflex


Allow 120 minutes

Specialty and add-on Foot Treatments

**all add-on treatments include hand massage**

**can be booked alone as well**

Foot treatment


Step 1: Fresh Soak
Step 2: Sugar Scrub
Step 3: Moister Mask
Step 4: Finishing Cream followed with a soothing leg and foot massage 

Margarita Salt Glow

$10 AND UP

The perfect treatment for tired and sore feet. 

Lime Scented Salt Mixture that is massaged on your legs and feet. Then, wrapped in a warm towel, while getting your hands massaged with a Lime Scented Cream  

Lemon Drop

$20 AND UP

A great treatment for hyperpigmentation and scars. (Brown spots)

A warm foot bath infused withal lemons, followed by an exfoliating lemon scrub. Followed by real lemons gently massaged onto the legs, a Lemon Scented Mask, later followed by a Lemon Scented Finishing Cream.

Champagne Rose

$25 AND UP

The perfect treatment for that special someone. 

Feet are soaked in a fragrance of real rose petals. Then feet and legs are gently exfoliated with a Rose Scented Scrub. A Rose Scented Mask is applied and followed by a Rose Scented Finishing Cream.

Anti-Fluid Dead Sea Mud Leg Treatment


Dead Sea Mud has been medically proven to have healing and therapeutic effect on the body. this mud is a rich mineral retrieved from the Dead Sea in Israel

Benefits: Eliminates fluid retention improves inflammation and circulation. Detoxifies impurities.

heal Recovery Treatment


"Feet First Callus" removal drops are applied and after 3-5 minutes we use a file or pumice to gently eliminate callus'.

Ionic Foot Bath

Foot ionic detox Foot Bath


A 30 minute foot bath with a magnetic device that draws out metals and toxic waste from the body through the feet. Eliminates pain and inflammation and helps with immune support.

double detox


Reflexology and Ionic Foot Bath

Reflexology flushes out toxins with our fingers and thumbs - Ionic detox pulls metals out through feet.

Paraffin Wax treatment

Paraffin Wax treatment

$12 - ADD-ON to any service

$20 - PWT alone

Paraffin Wax has Cosmetic and Therapeutic benefits.