Want to learn how to do Reflexology?

Learn to be a professional Reflexologist in six weeks. 

Want to learn how to do Reflexology?

Learn to be a professional Reflexologist in six weeks. 

Picture yourself having a lucrative & fulfilling career.

From Catherine Merena

My focus is on teaching genuine Reflexology techniques, not just as a foot massage. There is a call for this original healing technique of knowing the real foot and hand reflex method. 

How would you like to be able to instantly relieve anxiety, heart palpitations, sinus congestion, stomach cramps and pain, headache, constipation, gas pains, reduce fever, back ache and so much more without hesitation? With reflexology you could get to the problem fast and I can show you how!

For those who don't know, my name is Cathrine. I opened Sole revival Reflexology in 2008. In 1990 I was a manicurist and at that time, I was introduced to Reflexology. I was so intrigued with the response from my clients, just by doing their ridicule. I immediately and eagerly signed up and trained at The International Institute of Reflexology. 

Yes, a foot massage is wonderful and relaxing but, I believe we still need more trained Reflexologist in our future. Trust me, you will have an abundance of clients, family and friends who will need you. Whether you work in a spa, go mobile, independent contractor or already have massage expense, reflexology has a place for you. 

Add Reflexology on to your existing profession. Such as, a nurse, facials, manicurist, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, crystal chakra healer, or a parent just doing Reflexology for the family. Great for a second income or retiree.


  • -Reflexology book complete by the book teaching. 
    -Two hour class once a week of five weeks. 
    -Sixth week is a follow-up and diploma.
    -Free demo practice foot pillow.
    -Job placement opportunities. 
    -Receipt for tax deduction.

    I give a fun and unique method of learning, you will leave this program feeling confident and able to work on people right away!

Come see what you can achieve and how you can be a healer.  
Price 1,500
Inquire today for more info at (201) 261-0003.