Our Products 


       ​  "ZOYA" Nail poilsh contains no formaldenhyde or formaldehyde resin. 
        "Zoya Remove Plus" nail polish remover is an award winning, gentle, yet highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, nail 
          prep and nail conditioner.

          Kneipp - Natural Bath and Body Products 

         ​Kneipp is a body care line with the philosophy of wellness on time-honored natural remedies for your body's
           overall well-being.  The product feature nourishing essential oils and mineral-rich brine salt to detoxify and
           revitalize your skin while botanical oils, butters and extracts hydrate and condition. 


          Shira has been developing innovative skin care treatments for beauty professionals since 1990,
            specializing in products that feature the finest natural/organic ingredents as well as advanced cosmeceuticals. 

            We here at Sole Revival Reflexology Spa use Shira products in our foot treatments , manicures & pedicures.  


           Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. 
           Many oils have powerful cleansing properties. Their unique chemical structure allows them to pass directly through

           the skin for immediate systemic responce to topical applacation.  Certain oils may be used as dietary aids
           to promote vitality.


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