* We like meeting new people, that's why we do Groupon.
Don't be dissapointed, Groupon is for New Clients Only.
We send out e-mail specials at least once a month to all of our clients.

However, the Gratuity is based on full value of regular price service.

There will be an additional fee of $1.00 on Gratuity charged on credit cards. Cash tips are appricated. 

thank you , 
Mangement of Sole Revival Reflexology
*If you forget your pedicure slippers/flip flops.  Dont worry , we sell them here. 
Starting at $3.00 & Up

*We are available for private parties. 
Call for infomation.

*We can provide services for special events such as weddings and large parties. 

*In special cases we will offer on-site services for our non-ambulatory customers

*Please do not solicit of our staff for professional services to be rendered off site.
We take great care of our staff with respect, opportunity and fairness.

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River Edge N.J 07661


Hours :

Sunday - Closed 
Monday- Closed
Tuesday- 11am to 7 pm
Wednesday- 10am to 6pm 
Thursday 11am to 7pm 
Friday 10am to 6pm 
Saturday 11am to 6pm